Spring training classes are filling up quickly so sign-up while there is still space available!  Smoking Gun Firearms Training is committed to helping everyone, especially women, become confident, knowledgeable, trained and safe in the use of firearms.


We offer classes for women in beginning, intermediate, and advanced pistol, as well as concealed carry and home defense classes for everyone. We also offer individual men's, couples, and family instruction and youth classes.

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Annie Oakley is our symbol because she believed women should be comfortable using a firearm to defend themselves and their families.
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I began shooting eight years ago when I went with some friends and discovered my “passion.” I joined The Well Armed Woman (now Armed Women of America) and began taking classes to learn all I could about the sport. I love shooting and want to help women and youth learn to become experienced, educated shooters.

I currently teach classes in beginning and advanced firearms training, Utah CFP, and USCCA CFP and Home Defense, as well as individual and youth classes in firearm usage and safety. I am a certified NRA Pistol Instructor, an NRA Range Safety Officer, an Armed Woman of America certified instructor, a Utah Concealed Firearm Permit Instructor and a certified USCCA. I am also a firearms media consultant.


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Armed Women of America

We support Armed Women of America, an organization with a driving focus to Educate, Equip and Empower women for self defense, and to expand the world of firearms and be a voice for women everywhere. I am a leader for the Armed Women of America, Utah County Shooting Chapter. Armed Women of America is a 501(c) nonprofit organization dedicated to their mission to educate, equip and empower women shooters. Armed Women of America (formerly The Well Armed Woman) was founded in 2012 by Carrie Lightfoot, an entrepreneur with a background in small business start ups. Her purpose was to create a complete resource for the female gun owner.

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