A few weekends ago, I had the opportunity to brave the winter snows of I-80 and make the 7.5 hour drive to Wellington, Colorado. Wellington is a picturesque western town just a few miles north of Ft. Collins. I drove there for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to train with Vicki Farnam, the owner of DTI for Women, a defensive training facility designed to give specialized firearms training for women. Vicki offers defensive training classes for women as well as exceptional classes for instructors interested in learning to teach women.
The class I participated in was a two-day experience: Fundamentals of Defensive Training for Women. It was the most intense yet valuable class I have ever taken in my four years of firearms training. We spent a few hours in the classroom, and then spent the rest of the time, a total of approximately 10 hours, outside in 30+ degree weather (not counting the wind-chill factor) practicing firearms safety, fundamentals, drawing from the holster, and every other aspect of defensive firearms trining. In the evening, she and her husband, John, invited us over to their house for dinner and a presentation by John (LE and a world-renowned trainer in his own right) on what to expect if you have to use your firearm in a defensive situation.
By the end of the experience, my brain was on knowledge overload! But it was so worth it! I learned how much I didn’t know and I think I am a better instructor after watching and learning from Vicki and John.

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