This is the place, and Debby is the teacher for the absolute beginner! That was me. I had no idea how much there is to know in using a firearm. Releasing & filling the magazine, where to place your trigger finger, hollow point vs full metal jacket, how to hold the gun to stop a malfunction after every shot, “racking a slide”, and so much more. If this sounds like a foreign language no worries! You’re a beginner and you’re going to learn sooo much. I loved that there was classroom education and that same day we went to the range. I got to shoot 4 different guns. All this for $85 + a box of ammo ($16 additional). Her max class size is 5 people which makes it small, fun, and individual. I feel much more confident in buying my first gun ever. Listen, don’t think in an emergency you can just pick up a gun and use it effectively. You can’t and you won’t. Everyone woman I know will be directed to Debby’s class. Thank you so much Debby!