Women’s Introduction to Handgun Class


This class gives you an introduction to handguns and you will learn to shoot in a safe, fun and relaxed atmosphere. We go over safety, firearms basics and shooting fundamentals, including how to manage recoil, load and unload the gun, proper grip, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger press, and range etiquette.
We also discuss how to purchase your first firearm, and I will have several different types of firearms available for you to try during the shooting portion of the class. You may bring your own firearm or use one of mine. If you bring your own firearm, you will need to purchase one box of whatever ammunition your firearm uses. If you don’t have a firearm, you will need to bring one box of 9mm ammunition.
The cost is $100 and includes eye and ear protection, target, and the use of a firearm. CLASS SIZE IS LIMITED TO FIVE WOMEN. I can guarantee that you will have lots of fun and you will become more comfortable with the use of your firearm. The class runs from Noon-5:00 pm in American Fork.

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